Fletcher Ladd

Millionaire eCommerce Mentor & Founder of Ecom Capital

Fletcher Ladd is one of the most sought after direct response eCommerce consultants in todays age, he’s also the founder of Ecom Capital. His flagship program eCommerce Accelerator has helped many people change their lives through owning an eCommerce business.

Fletcher Ladds eCommerce Story

Hi, I’m Fletcher Ladd, and I’d like to share with you my journey and story about who I am and how I’m helping people start, grow and invest in eCommerce businesses. I grew up in a small town in Australia with a population of around 60,000 people, by the time I was 15, I was off to high school in the United States after winning a scholarship on the difference between education in smaller regions vs large cities.

It was in Chicago when I first started hearing about eCommerce, most commonly the model of Dropshipping (Which is retail eCommerce where a third party handles the logistics). I became fascinated with it, I wanted to know more and more, I bought every single book, devoured every podcast and YouTube video, I purchased every and another course online that had the word “eCommerce” I was hooked. But things only started to get real when I started my first eCommerce store…

My first eCommerce business

After hundreds of hours of research, I had an instinctive feeling that the route of entrepreneurship was the route I wanted to devote my life too, I couldn’t see myself working a 9-5 or working some corporate job. I wanted to do something online that could provide me with financial freedom. I kept seeing all of these gurus online talking about how making money online was “fast and easy” so I was brainwashed to think making money online was that, simple and easy. I started an online store selling camping and fishing products, after some market research I found it was an “untapped” niche in the market with un sophisticated marketing copy penetrating the market. I started marketing the online store with just Facebook ads, looking back now, I didn’t know what I was doing…

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